To provide educational grants and support to the families of Joint SOF Warriors killed in action, training, line of duty, or suicide. We also provide merit-based scholarships and other educational opportunities to the families of Medal of Honor recipients, and families of current and veteran Joint SOF Warriors.

“Their foremost request is for someone to watch over their families if they don’t come back alive.”


We earn and sustain our integrity and credibility by reflecting our key values in all that we think, do, and say:


The Special Operations Fund proudly serves the families of our Joint SOF Warriors killed in action, training, or suicide, as well as the families of Medal of Honor recipients and the families of our currently serving and veteran Joint SOF Warriors.

“We want to provide the educational support that our fallen SOF Warriors would have provided to their families had they survived their wounds.” – Ambassador David C. Miller


Our Board of Directors, Executive Director and donors are personally involved with the families of the fallen. These men and women not only provide financial assistance, books, scholarships, computers, and other material support, they also mourn with spouses and children, provide a sounding board for advice, and become an ongoing presence in the lives of bereaved families. The Special Operations Fund was founded in 1992 by Ambassador David C. Miller and is administered full time by Susan Grant, Executive Director, who has worked with the Fund since its inception in 1992.

D. Michael Walden

David F. Cooper
(U.S. Army, Retired)

John D. Bowlin
Vice Chairman

Mark S. London
Vice Chairman

Julia B. Dailey

Jonathan T. Dawson

Jeffrey W. Eggers
(U.S. Navy, Retired)

Henry “Ike” Eisenbarth
(U.S. Army, Retired)

Stephen J. Fitzgerald
(U.S. Navy, Retired)

Matthew C. Flavin
(U.S. Navy, Veteran)

Dr. Mark S. Helbraun

Joel P. Kaczorowski
(U.S. Army, Retired)

Michael E. Kohlsdorf

George M. Lund

Charles L. McHarney IV
(U.S. Air Force, Retired)

Andrew N. Milani II
(U.S. Army, Retired)

Heather E. Moran
(Gold Star Daughter, Recipient)

Laurence E. Rich
(U.S. Navy, Veteran)

Geoffrey L. Stone

Timothy J. Walsh

David C. Miller, Jr.
Founder/Chairman Emeritus

Rick Woolard
(U.S. Navy, Retired)
President Emeritus

Holidae H. Hayes
Honorary Board Member

Susan Grant
Executive Director

Rebecca ‘Becki’ Chambers
Assistant Director

Heather Majuri
Programs Director

Sometimes our KIA and KIT family members don’t recover for years after the tragedy, so we don’t have rules and timelines restricting our support to our families, we are here to help each family member in their own time to do something great.”  
– Ambassador David C. Miller


Unit Scholarship Fund
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Rangers Scholarship Fund
Fort Benning, Georgia

The Association
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Night Stalker Foundation
Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Navy SEAL Foundation
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Vigilant Torch Foundation
Springfield, Virginia

United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)

Three Rangers Foundation
Spring Hill, Tennessee

Phillips Exeter Academy
Exeter, New Hampshire

Since 2004 the Special Operations Fund has provided matching grants for merit‐based scholarships awarded by the Unit Scholarship Fund, Fort Bragg, NC; the Night Stalker Foundation, Fort Campbell, KY; the Rangers Scholarship Fund, Fort Benning, GA; the Navy SEAL Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA; the Vigilant Torch Foundation, Springfield, VA; and The Association (USAF), Fort Bragg,NC.

“the quiet fund for quiet warriors”